Our History

Roughly 20 years ago in the regional South Australian town of Murray Bridge a small shop popped up seemingly out of nowhere. Ahead of its time and a completely new concept this shop introduced the tools and resources to help aspiring eco-warriors of the time to walk the journey of reduce, reuse and recycle.

That shop was called Waste Not Want Not Eco Shop.

After a brief time in Murray Bridge the founders moved the shop to a new location in Goodwood, where they were able to offer their eco-tools to a much larger population. Adelaide was about to learn a new way to be. A better, more sustainable way to live. The people of Adelaide were about to be provided with the tools and resources to be good stewards of the earth.

Over that 20 years the Waste Not Want Not Eco Shop passed through the hands of a couple of owners, who moved it to Old Reynella and then to its current location in Blackwood. In 2018 Jamie Stott and Kimberley Watson saw the opportunity to take the little Blackwood shop and grow the business so it could reach more people. Their vision is to equip people with the tools and resources to live more sustainably, and help the general population of Australia to wake up and start walking the path from being eco-impacters to being zero-wasters.

With a desire to see Australia become a country that wasted nothing, that reduced its waste and that eliminated landfill, Jamie and Kimberley quickly understood that they are not the real heroes of the story. Instead the heroes of the sustainability and eco-friendly movement are the pioneers who have gone before, and the community of people now rising up to spread the message of sustainable, plastic-free and zero-waste living.

Jamie and Kimberley believe their role is to spears awareness of the environmental issues and potential solutions, then source the best eco-friendly products. Their aim is to equip the growing community of eco-warriors with the tools and resources needed to make a real difference in an achievable and affordable way.

With that they invite you now to take the next step in your journey toward sustainable living. The eco-warrior journey is one that will not only change your impact on the environment, it will change your heart and positively impact your family for generations to come.

The team at Waste Not are grateful for the opportunity to help guide you to live the most sustainable life you can and want to stress that the future of our planet, and indeed the survival of life on earth, rests with you …

Go out and make a difference