Biobags ziplock packs


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  • BioBag Compostable Food Storage Bags 17.8 x 22.1cm in size
  • Breathable, strong and elastic with resealable zipper
  • Can be used to store all kinds of food
  • Made from GMO free plant starch

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BioBag Compostable Food Storage Bag in a 20 Pack.

These bags are breathable, strong and elastic and can be used to store all kinds of food. They come with a resealable zipper; there are 20 in a pack. 

They are made from GMO Free plant starch and compost well in a well functioning compost environment. 

  • 20 Per Pack
  • 17.8 x 22.1cm
  • Fully compostable
  • Made from GMO Free Plant Starch


BioBag is a world leading eco company. They focus on creating compostable and biodegradable products for consumers, businesses, agriculture and industry. They have a primary focus on using renewable, biodegradable, and compostable raw materials to achieve this. They have developed some great products that replace what we use everyday and are compostable helping our planet.


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